Envault Email Protection

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  • Allows for simple and easy sending and receiving of protected e-mail messages
  • Outlook plugin for internal company e-mail or communication with trusted partners with the plugin and authorization. Client based solution works in Office 365 setting unlike many server based solutions.
  • External parties do not need the software
  • Centralized management, control and user tracking Product comes with separate Envault Secure Web Mail server module
  • Strong authentication support: e.g. Suomi.fi authentication or authentication with netbank access codes provided by your bank to identify sender and recipient.


  • Ability to encrypt e-mail content, attachment or both and many other use configurations available within the plugin settings
  • Very strong security utilizing Fragmentvault technology (key vaulting but also fragment vaulting possible)
  • Encryption by client but server encryption also possible

How it works

  • The Envault plugin automatically encrypts the message body text and/or attached documents according to rules set by your organization
  • The message is stored in the Envault Secure Web Mail server. The system issues PKI certificates automatically for corporate users and trusted partners who have the plugin. The certificates identify the senders and recipients
  • The data encryption keys are unique for each message, and are stored and managed by the Fragmentvault server. A separate passphrase may be asked from 3rd party recipient before allowing browser-based access to the secured message. The passphrase can be delivered automatically for the recipient of the message via e.g. SMS.
  • Keyword (e.g. social security and credit numbers) detection alerts user to prevent e-mail sending without encryption
  • Enables also large file sending without Outlook size limits

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